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how to bet on sports in las vegasWhen I last wrote about gambling and video games, two men had just pled guilty to running an unlicensed gambling site based on FIFA 17 in the UK. Much has transpired since early February, but I never really had a hook for the story until now. So I guess we need to ask a bit in return. I don’t know how? INFP style being all lovey dovey where women are all melting. (27th June 2015) Two new photos added to blog 1) of the Workers and Staff at Duckworth Clough Mill, and 2) The Church Army wagon visiting Haslingden and Helmshore.

(20th September 2012) Ex Pat Mike Hogan has kindly sent in a scan from a old (about 1860) French Encyclopaedia giving some details of Haslingden when the population was at 8000. Click here to see the piece. and then scroll down the page. (3rd March 2015) Dorthy Birtwistle (nee Hargreaves) has kindly added information to the Haslingden Early Asian settlers blog. Scroll to bottom of blog.

(17th July 2017) Just added two more photos one of a retirement party at the Health Centre and one showing Jimmy Ryan getting his hair cut for Charity – Photos kindly shared to us by the Haslingden Roots Group. The proportion of people with a severe gambling problem has almost doubled in three years from 0.4 per cent of the population to 0.7 per cent, the equivalent of 336,000 people, according to the Gambling Commission.

(28th February 2015) Thanks to John Tomlinson for sending in more names for the HGS 1957 and 1962 photos. There are no quick and easy tricks to win when betting on soccer. Consider the odds in each match and make your bet only after careful consideration. The fig leaf Congress chose for its violation of diplomatic protocols and international law is the disproven allegation of Russian interference in behalf of Trump in the US presidential election.

(20th October 2018) Another 8 photos kindly shared to us by Mike Ryan. (17th December 2015) Just added a history of King Street Methodist judi slot Chapel from booklet – thanks to Jackie. Please click here for the origins of Haslingden Methodist and scroll to bottom of blog.

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